Panasonic is still trying its best to capture the electronics market, omitting the computer devices. Recently, it has released a fine range of cameras, which are performing better than expected and is giving a tough competition to other camera manufacturers. The most recent attraction by Panasonic is the Lumix GH3. It is a compact still camera, which is also trying to make its mark in the DSLR category. There are many grand features of this camera which includes: a 16 MP sensor, splash proof and uncountable video making options. The price might give a shock to many, but the real enthusiasts would not care for it.

As mentioned above, the camera also behaves like a DSLR.  It is almost the same size as its DSLR counterpart by Panasonic: Lumix L10. The controls available on the camera also help it look like one. However, this should not be ignored that Panasonic stopped manufacturing DSLR cameras quite some time ago, but with GH3, they might be hinting to a return. This would only depend on the performance of GH3, both in and out of market. The differences that are obvious between a real DSLR camera and GH3 are omniscient. The compulsory mirrorbox is missing; hence, there will be no optical viewfinder. Instead of the mirrorbox, there is an electronic version of viewfinder. This is why; the camera is being named as the first of the DSLM generation. The camera body and shape is based on the Micro Four Third concept, which allows the camera to have a compact body design. However, the size of GH3 is a bit deceiving and it feels that the MFT concept was not properly utilized.

Camera Features

The features offered in the camera are surely alluring. The 3-inch OLED touch screen, gives a brilliant result of both video and the photos. The autofocus is being called ‘Light speed’, with 20 FPS shooting.  There is built in Wi-Fi, a PC output terminal to move the data directly to the desired device. The HDMI output is probably best for the video performance. A microphone jack is also available, which allows one to use the camera anywhere, such as on trips, in recording a live concert, or just making a video for a birthday party. GH3 is able to shoot 1080p video, and its compression rate is the best in any still camera. There is almost anything this camera could do; however, one unwanted blunder is the 180 degree shutter control.

This ability to make high definition videos with FPS of 30 at 72 Mbps is not just a coincident. There is no doubt in saying that Panasonic might have intended to make a shrunken version of a motion camera rather than a still camera, and ended up with GH3. With its brilliant autofocus performance using the C-AF system, it could easily be compared to a mid level DSLR camera. The body contains five buttons, which are all programmable, hence, making it easier to use when shooting a live video. An HDMI port is also available with the camera as well.



My personal results with this camera are fantastic. Clarity is unmatched and performance is brilliant.
I usually print the photo’s myself or use TinyPrints for larger batches. They usually run promotions and often have great coupons for discounts if you need larger batches or specialty prints. I prefer this camera over the Pentax K-5 IIs anytime, but it cannot compare with my Nikon.



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